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Started by two sisters and best friends working in the busy hustle and bustle of corporate America - all the while knowing that we were not fulfilling our true life’s dreams.   With a sincere concern for the welfare of animals and the planet, we redirected our focus on aiming towards making the biggest difference possible in the world in which we live!

Not claiming to be saints by any means, we were sparked with the idea that we wanted to make a positive impact, not only in people’s lives, but in society in general.  Being avid fans of keeping up with the latest trends, we took the plunge towards developing a side-project called Compassion Couture, hoping that it will grow to be so much more!  

Compassion Couture’s mission is to make a change on how the world views compassionate and ethical fashion.  We aim to prove that it is possible to have a strong sense of beliefs without sacrificing your sense of style.  The site is 100% animal friendly and only offers products by labels that place a strong emphasis on producing their goods in a sustainable and ethical way.  

Based on our unique sense of style we hand pick every item that is sold on our site, which includes an array of fashion-forward high quality shoes, bags, wallets, belts and other accessories.  From the bottom of our hearts and souls, we truly believe in our mission to demonstrate that there is a way to find a balance between our values and our feminine passion for style!  

About Jill

Jill was born and raised on Long Island, New York and has worked as a marketing professional for the past five years.  Being motivated and passionate, she measures her success by the strong friend and family relationships that she keeps and the positive impact that she has on the people/animals/world that surrounds her.  

Jill is a vegetarian foodie, obsessed with tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole and basically anything that can be dipped.  She enjoys any activities that can get her adrenaline pumping such as tennis and running but counteracts that with her love of those “lazy day” outdoor summer BBQ’s.   

Her guilty pleasure:  Reality Television
How She Defines Her Style:  An eclectic mix of trendy, classy and comfortable


About Tracey

Tracey’s education and work experience took her very far from her original dreams of being a veterinarian to where she currently works in Manhattan in commercial real estate finance.  A perfectionist by nature, Tracey puts her heart and soul in everything she does and is always striving to set the bar higher for herself.   

In January of 2008, her affinity towards animals once again took a center stage in her life when she decided to stop eating, buying and wearing all animal products.  She loves discovering vegan places to eat, drink and shop and spreading the word about them.  Her spare time is spent mountain biking, running, enjoying a good glass of wine, reading or eating tortilla chips with Jill.

Her guilty pleasure:  Crossword Puzzles
How She Defines Her Style:   A combination between sophisticated and chic